Tooth Bleaching

White teeth are vital signs of vitality and health.

White teeth are the symbol of health and vitality at the present time . One of the most important aspects of an aesthetically smile is the tooth color. The teeth are effectively brightened in a short time with a professional teeth whitening (also called bleaching).

The professional teeth whitening process starts with a consultation with your dentist. Bleaching treatments are affected by a number of factors including the actual cause of tooth discoloration. Teeth whitening is most effective on yellow discoloration One of the most critical aspects of an aesthetically pleasing smile is tooth color.

The dentist cover your gums around your teeth with a gel and then harden it with a high-powered light. This is called a gingival barrier, and it protects your gums from the teeth bleaching chemicals during the whitening process. The actual whitening process involves the dentist applying a gel made of hydrogen peroxide to your teeth. Hydrogen peroxide can penetrate the porous outer layer of your teeth and break apart stain compounds using a chemical reaction called oxidation.After the application of the whitening gel followed by applying a high-powered lights that speeds up the whitening process.

The protocol include one session of treatment with three applications of 15 minutes of whitening gel (Totally 60 minutes, cleaning inclueded). The gels are in full contact with the tooth surface and then we remove between each application with cotton rolls, which we moisten with water and dry carefully. At the end of the third application, we remove the gels, wash off all the excess with copious water, and remove the gingival barrier.

Obvious discoloration of teeth can be a physical handicap that impacts on a person’s self-image, self confidence, physical attractiveness. A person due to cosmetic dental problems may profoundly affect their self-esteem, interactions, environmental adaptations, personal relationships, job opportunities, and other fundamental aspects affecting their quality of life.

The overwhelming evidence indicates that tooth bleaching is effective if supervised by a pofessional dentist.

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