Rootcanal Treatment

The teeth are treated to the roots and bruises that progress to the nerves of the teeth; Solutions such as fillers, coatings are made aesthetically and functionally.

The essence of endodontic and periapical diseases is infection, and infection control is the premise and basis for the healing. Procedures ,analyzing the anatomy of the root canal system from x-ray, the degree of infection of the root canal itself, the physical cutting during root canal preparation, and the choice of measures to clean all infected tissue in the root canal.

Appropriate evaluation of the grades of infected root canals before treatment is necessary because different grades of root canal infection demand various disinfection schedules to facilitate tissue healing and guarantee the long-term success rate of endodontic treatment.

Before treatment, the degree of root canal infection and the difficulty of anatomical shape should be correctly evaluated and the corresponding preparation plan should be selected to use properly the forming and cleaning.

Root canal treatment is recommended to use a variety of new nickel-titanium systems and ultrasound for root canal cleaning to achieve better infection control and results.

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