Veneers Laminate

It has been observed that ceramic laminate restorations, which meet the aesthetic expectations at the optimal level, give self-confidence.

The ceramic veneer restoration around front area has recently attracted attention due to the increasing demand for better esthetics and reducing psychological loading of tooth removal. Ceramic veneers are an area of focus in the restoration of dental esthetics.

The patients’ demand for treatment of unaesthetic front teeth is steadily growing. The maintenance of aesthetics with ceramic veneers in the medium to long term is excellent, patient satisfaction is high and porcelain veneers have no adverse effects on gingival health inpatients with an optimal oral hygiene.

Among the different types of materials used for such esthetics, ceramics have been widely used due to their superior appearance, mechanical characteristics, adhesive cementation, and adequate marginal adaptation.

Fit is a very important aspect for a ceramic veneer to function over a long period in an oral cavity. If the fit of a ceramic veneer is poor, certain problems, including fracture of the restoration, an early elimination and even esthetic degradation from peripheral stains may occur.The marginal discrepancy between the prosthesis and tooth is usually measured for the fit of a ceramic veneer.

The treatment of healthy but unesthetic teeth has always presented a challenge. Selecting the proper materials, good case selection, proper techniques, and partnering with a talented ceramist are cornerstones to successful outcomes for veneers. While application, using proper materials and techniques have proven to be a highly successful form of treatment.

A person’s self-esteem can be directly related to the appearance of his or her smile. With veneers we are not only helping people improve the appearance of their smile, we are also providing psychological and social benefits. The importance of this is difficult to measure but people who have benefited from having veneers used to enhance their smiles and we are sure they will tell you of the significant impact it has had for them.

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