Ceramic Bridge Dental Crown

Ceramic Bridge Dental Crown

Go a Tooth missing ? This is how we can fill the gap for you without implants 3 crowns in a row, talk to our UK Team or your dentist directly here to see if this solution is an option for you.

With a dental crown, the dentist covers over any tooth that is missing with the use of a Dental Bridge.

The crown is a protective shell that is virtually inverted over the treated tooth.

Thus, the row of teeth gets its natural shape and function back.

There are different types and materials that make up a dental crown. For example, the metal-ceramic crown.

The inner core of this crown is made of metal, the outer shell is covered with tooth-coloured ceramic.

The metal in the inner core is used to provide stability to the crown, but is not visible in the mouth.

The ceramic is applied by the dental technician layer by layer and therefore achieves a very natural and aesthetic result.

It is adapted to the tooth colour of the neighbouring teeth and offers optimal chewing function.

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