EMAX Veneers & Fitting

EMAX Veneers & Fitting

Emax Veneers require just 0.5mm of tooth preparation to achieve that perfect smile makeover. These veneers are crafted from high-strength porcelain and custom-made for each individual, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits. With an appealing translucent color, Emax Veneers are well-known for their durability and stabilizing effects. Unlike traditional dental veneers, Emax Veneers do not require tooth etching during the fitting process.

At Smile Antalya Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves on our high level of expertise, experience, and craftsmanship in providing Emax Veneers to our patients. Prospective patients are welcomed to view examples of our work and see how we meet the needs of those seeking dental and cosmetic treatment. Our instagram galleries showcase photographs and impressions that highlight our ability to continually meet patient expectations to the highest standards.

How We Work?


Who Are We ?

Smile Antalya has grown to be the largest facilitator of dental services in Turkey to the international community.


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FDA Approved

The Dental Implants are approved by the FDA and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Travel Plans

We can advise on every aspect of your travel including flights, hotels, airport transfers and specialist travel insurance.


3D smile design software and CAD/ CAM technology enabling the dental professionals to provide any smile design and tooth shape. Only available in high-end clinics, this technology gives you full control of the end result.


Both accurate and safe treatment planning by the use of sophisticated technology including Panoramic X-ray and 3D Tomographic scanning.