Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic and periapical diseases require treatment that addresses the roots and nerves of the teeth. Solutions such as filings and coatings can be made aesthetically and functionally to improve oral health.
Infection is the root cause of endodontic and periapical diseases, and controlling the infection is essential for successful treatment. Procedures involve analyzing the root canal system’s anatomy from x-rays, evaluating the degree of root canal infection, physically cutting during root canal preparation, and choosing measures to clean all infected tissue in the root canal.
Proper evaluation of the infected root canal grades before treatment is necessary as different grades require various disinfection schedules to promote tissue healing and ensure long-term success rates.
Before treatment, the degree of root canal infection and anatomical shape difficulty should be accurately assessed, and the appropriate preparation plan selected to use proper forming and cleaning techniques.
For root canal cleaning, it is recommended to use a variety of new nickel-titanium systems and ultrasound to achieve better infection control and results.

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