NTA Titanium Implants

NTA Titanium Implants

NTA Implants – Confidence in Stability

NTA Implants are Swiss-made titanium implants designed for stability and confidence. The implants feature a unique surface treatment known as SLA, which involves a sand-blasting process with corundum particles and an acid-etching bath to create a rough but micro-pitted surface that resists bacterial enclosures. The chemical composition of the SLA structure is titanium oxide (TiO2).
The implants also feature platform switching, which places the implant-abutment junction closer to the center of the implant and away from the implant-bone interface to prevent bone loss. The implants use a conical connection for bacterial sealing and precise placement of the abutment, and a straight body for easier placement and stress distribution. The implants have a cutting-edge design with three sharp edges for easy implant osteotomy preparation and less postoperative pain.
The NTA Implants come in two sizes, narrow and regular, with varying diameters and heights. The implants use a no-mount system for easy separation and connection, and the recommended torque for placement is less than 40 Ncm. The implants also have a tapered angle for safer maxillary placement.

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FDA Approved

The Dental Implants are approved by the FDA and come with a lifetime guarantee.

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