Aesthetic Fillings

For a natural, comfortable and high-quality tooth appearance; the aesthetic filling is recommended.

About Aesthetic Fillings

Aesthetic fillings allow direct restoration of damaged tooth tissues, adjustment of tooth shape, color and minor malpositions.

Light dynamics is a relevant phenomenon with respect to aesthetic restorations, analysis of the optical behavior of natural dentition must lead to potential success of the treatment. The nature of incident light plays a major role in determining the amount of light transmission or reflection, and how an object is perceived depends on the nature of the light source.

The light transmission of dental enamel varies from tooth to tooth, and from patient to patient.

When is aesthetic filling recommended?

Aesthetic filling are applied when teeth are carious, have colour changes, are fractured, worn down, also when one wishes to fill up spaces between teeth or when there is a mispositioned tooth. All this can be fixed by performing aesthetic filling.

The advantages of esthetic composite fillings are one session treatment and fast approach for cosmetic result.

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