Sinüs Lifting

Increasing the sinus base is one of the important factors that increase the success of implant treatment.

The placement of implants in posterior edentulous maxilla (backside of upper jawbone) is a must perform by a skilled and experienced specialist dentist in implant dentistry due to maxillary sinus. Various sinus lifting techniques have been used with impressive success rates aimed at developing these sites for implant placement. Implant treatment can benefit considerably from the use of sinus lifting.

The type of maxillary sinus lifting that a surgeon chooses to use on a given patient depends on the surgeon’s preference as well as patient anatomy. Patient anatomical factors include the residual bone height and amount of lift desired. There are two main approaches for maxillary sinus floor elevation: Direct and Indirect approach. Direct – lateral window technique and indirect – osteotome sinus floor elevation, bone added sinus floor elevation, minimally invasive sinus approach, and antral membrane balloon elevation.

Maxillary sinus augmentation (also known as sinus floor elevation) procedures have become increasingly popular procedures before placement of dental implants in posterior maxilla that have suffered severe bone loss.

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